Kansas Funeral Directors Association Announces OSHA Services from Certified Safety Training

The Kansas Funeral Directors Association (KFDA) announces a new partnership with Certified Safety Training (CST).

Kansas Funeral Directors OSHA Program  Kansas OSHA Services


Certified Safety Training (CST) is the leader in funeral home and cemetery OSHA compliance. Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience and Certified Safety Professionals, CST matches industry expertise with customizable award-winning programming to make sure that customers have the highest-quality safety programs, plans, training, and advice.  

Mark Harrison, President of CST stated that, “We are thrilled to be partnering with KFDA to help their members reach their compliance goals and avoid the most common funeral home OSHA fines. It’s important to recognize that you don’t need a safety and environmental empire. We believe you can meet federal and state safety and environmental requirements affordably and efficiently.”

The KFDA and CST will offer everything a funeral home needs to be in full compliance with OSHA, including:

CST offers training, consulting, and compliance in the following topics:

  1. Emergency Action and Fire Safety 
  2. Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control 
  3. Hazard Communication 
  4. Respiratory Protection 
  5. Personal Protective Equipment 
  6. Formaldehyde Exposure Control 
  7. Spill Response 
  8. Electronic Safety Data Sheets
  9. Proof of Training
  10. Recordkeeping

Pam Scott, Executive Director of the Kansas Funeral Directors Association, stated that “The KFDA is pleased to offer a unique KFDA member benefit opportunity with Certified Safety Training (CST). Assisting the KFDA member funeral homes and funeral directors in meeting their OSHA compliance objectives and improving their workplace safety, is critical to ensuring that we continue to have the best funeral homes in the nation.”

KFDA members will receive an exclusive 10% discount on all CST services using code “KFDACST” at checkout. 


Kansas Funeral Home OSHA ProgramCertified Safety Training is the recipient of a National Award:  Top Honors, Awards of Excellence Competition, from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) for a safety program that ASAE cited as "the most comprehensive program of its kind in the nation." From bloodborne pathogens to hazard communications to personal protective equipment to dozens of other topics, CST’s Certified Safety Professionals have successfully helped thousands of employees work safer and smarter. For more information on how Certified Safety Training can ensure your Funeral Home or Cemetery is in full compliance with OSHA, visit www.certifiedsafetytraining.org or contact Mark Harrison at markharrison@certifiedsafetytraining.org or (609) 375-8462.