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Stop Managing Risk, Compliance, and Training In Different Places.
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What The CST App Provides


Your facilities fill out the CST Questionnaire and we do the rest.


Employees know where they stand and what they need to do.


You see compliance at the employee, manager, and facility level and can take action.


Engage Learners With Custom Courses & Content Management

Access our world-class library. We leverage industry expertise AI, and listening to your needs, to build amazing courses and engage your learners. You can also add your premade SCORM files.

Set Safety Supervisors Up for Success

We provide, safety: checklists, meeting agendas, meeting vidoes, calendars, and reporting, to ensure you have a successful Safety Supervisor and Compliance Program.

Leverage Your Compliance Dashbord With Tracking & Reporting

Track learner progress, understand trends, and take action. Analyze your data to improve your compliance program or ensure that employees are compliant with the most recent rules and regulations.

Custom Videos To Meet Your Needs

Looking for something specific to your industry? Ask and you shall receive.

We deliver custom videos on industry topics to meet your needs.

Met Our Needs Completely!

"My team really appreciated the flexibility that came with the CST App.

I would definitely recommend CST to a busy company looking for something versatile."

-Mary Koch, Metro First Call

Access Our Full Library for the U.S. and Canada

  1. Safety and Compliance
  2. Active Shooter
    Anesthesia Safety
    Animal Restraint
    Automotive Lift Safety
    Back and Lifting Safety
    Backhoe Safety
    Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control
    Confined Spaces
    Cremation Safety
    Electrical Safety
    Emergency Action
    Ergonomics Safety
    Fire Safety
    Flammable Liquids
    Forklift Safety
    Formaldehyde Exposure Control
    FTC Funeral Rule
    Hand Tool Safety
    Hazard Communication
    Heavy Equipment

  3. Heat Illness Prevention
    Implicit Bias
    Machine Guard and Lawn Mower
    Personal Protective Equipment
    Power Hand Tools
    Radiation Safety
    Respiratory Protection (Voluntary)
    Safe Driving
    Sexual Harassment
    Shoring Safety

  4. Silica Safety
    Slips, Trips, and Falls Safety
    Spill Response
    Trenching and Excavation Safety

Sales and Marketing
Sales Fundamentals
Connecting with Your Audience

Information Technology
Online Security Fundamentals
How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Attacks
How to Protect Your Data

Human Resources
Workplace and Sexual Harassment
Workplace Violence
Implicit Bias
The Employee Handbook
Getting Started in Human Resources
How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Professional Skills
Time Management
Workplace Communication Basics
Communication Fundamentals
Guide to Negotiation and Persuasion
A Guide to Empathy at Work
How to Work Effectively with Different Communication Styles



Tell Me More

How Does Custom OSHA Compliance Work?

We offer Custom and Complete OSHA Programs consisiting of Custom Written Manuals, Printable Safety Posters, Certified Safety Data Sheet Database and QR Codes, and Unlimited Access to Industry-Specific Training and Recordkeeping.

What Kind of Real-Time Reporting Do You Offer?

We can not invent a time machine, but we can save you time with reporting and accoutability. The CST App allows you to see every compliance and training activity in real time. We can replace or integrate with your Learning Management System and provide real-time reporting.

How Do You Enable Accountability and Action?

We know how hard it is to hold employees accountable. Constant reminders, C-Suite buy in, and managing data, all require time and results are mixed. The CST App provides clear information, assignable tasks, and communication tools to make sure there is accountability and action.

What Industry-Specific Courses Do You Offer?

We provide industry specific courses. We focus on Vetcare and Deathcare. That means you are not going to recieve a generic and disjointed experience. Every course we publish is designed for you and we are constantly improving with our customer's feedback.

Do You Offer Dedicated Technical Assistance?

We know managing compliance, risk, and training is daunting. The CST App is not a one-way ticket to loneliness. We are with you every step of the way. Our onboarding program includes dedicated account management, webinars, and regular checkins.