Free Workplace Violence Safety for Veterinary Professionals

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Every year, we hear of more cases of workplace-related violence. Despite the perception of animal care settings as always peaceful environments, veterinary team members are at a greater risk than most of becoming victims of workplace violence.

Due to strong human-animal bonds emotions run high and are escalated during sickness and end-of-life scenarios. Layer in additional pressures--COVID-19, inflation, shortage of veterinary professionals, political tensions--and we are only expecting the workplace violence to continue. 

In response, we developed a free workplace violence course to help protect reception staff members, vet techs, and veterinarians from such violence. 

This course leaves you with tools, tactics, and policies, to ensure the safety and well-being of veterinary professionals as they care for animals and interact with clients. Contact us for additional safety and compliance services and learn more about our industry-leading veterinary compliance app here.