Unveiling the CST App for Deathcare!

We have been piloting the CST App with a select group of clients since the turn of the year and are ready to onboard you and your team.

The CST App is designed to provide the following:

  1. Training and Accountability: trainings are assigned by "role" to match up with both OSHA and your company's requirements
  2. Recordkeeping and Transparency: certificates, completion dates, and overall compliance are housed within the CST App so you can see exactly how the company and individuals are doing
  3. Frictionless With No Logins Necessary: With magic links, we do not require you or any of your colleagues. We simply need emails, titles, and will take care of the rest. Click the "Try The App" below to see what we mean.

If you're interested in learning more, fill out the form below and will send you a demo link and schedule a meeting to answer your questions.