KISS OSHA Compliance for Funeral Homes - Compliance Plus More!

When it comes to funeral home OSHA things can get complicated quickly. There is an old phrase "keep it simple stupid" or KISS. Our goal is to provide KISS Compliance to funeral homes looking for a turn-key solution to complex government regulation.

We launched the CST Compliance and Training App to help simplify complex government language with clear actionable steps. 

The CST Apps offers dozens of funeral service trainings in addition to OSHA trainings. On the CST App, the Team Dashboard allows you to manage location data, user data, electronic safety data sheets, and see compliance progress. 

Kiss Compliance Network; OSHA Compliance and Safety Programs


Gary Finch KISS Compliance and Compliance Plus Alternative


The individual employee can login with our magic link system, which requires no password, resulting in no administrative headaches. When employees login, they will land on their task page and can then click "Complete Training" to get started (another example of KISS Compliance :). 

KISS Compliance OSHA for Funeral Homes


The CST App is part of the larger Complete OSHA Compliance for Funeral Homes and Crematories. Fill out the form below to request a demo.


Have More Questions About What We Offer? The CST Complete OSHA Compliance for Funeral Homes and Crematories includes the following:

Programs include:
  • Emergency Action and Fire Safety Program
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Program
  • Hazard Communication Program and Certified Safety Data Sheets
  • Formaldehyde Exposure Control Program
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program
  • Spill Response Program
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls Program
  • Ladder Safety Program
  • Confined Space Safety Program (Crematory, Freezers, Cemetery)
  • Lockout / Tagout Program (Crematory)
  • Scissor Lift Safety Program (Cemetery)
  • Power Hand Tools Safety Program (Cemetery)
  • General Safety Checklist

Each Program Comes Equipped With:

  • Written Compliance Plan
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Fact Sheets and Resources
  • Customizable OSHA Forms
  • Online access to the plan
  • One copy of a printed plan with forms for reference
  • Printable Posters
  • Training Topics and Online Training
  • Employee Training Documentation
  • Trainer Qualifications
  • Annual Program Review

Includes All of The Following Trainings:

  • Emergency Action and Fire Safety Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Training
  • Hazard Communication Training
  • Respiratory Protection Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment Training
  • Spill Response Program Training
  • Formaldehyde Exposure Control Training
  • Back and Lifting Safety Training
  • Ergonomic Safety Training
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls Training
  • Cremation Safety Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training (NEW)
  • Workplace Violence Safety Training (NEW)
  • FTC Funeral Rule Training  Training

Online OSHA Trainings Come With:

  • Live Chat
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Unlimited Retakes
  • Customized Certificate and Proof of Training
  • Employee Training Documentation
  • No Logins Required
  • Cloud-based Recordkeeping
  • Compatible on any Computer, Mobile or Tablet Device
  • Unlimited technical assistance, by telephone and email

Who is “At-Risk”?

All full- and part-time employees, workers, outside contractors and anyone who comes into contact with chemicals and deceased human remains during their work at a funeral firm are considered at-risk.

“At-risk” positions include the following:

  • Funeral directors, embalmers, interns, trade people, removal personnel and morgue attendants
  • Hairdressers, cosmetologists, housekeepers and maintenance personnel
  • Individuals who handle, prepare and/or disinfect remains (sanitary care) or who perform religious ritual care or cleansing
  • Individuals who handle or come in contact with remains, medical waste and embalming chemicals, no matter how minimal
  • Individuals who enter a prep room, no matter how briefly or for whatever reason

Everyone is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and secure work area. There are no exceptions. Attending training sessions annually will ensure at-risk employees are:

  • knowledgeable about the types of bloodborne pathogens encountered in most funeral home prep rooms,
  • familiar with proven methods to reduce exposure risks, and
  • aware of the proper use of personal protection equipment.